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Hands on : new Windows Phone 8.1 update 1

Hello guys,

                 Well we hope you all are having fun around. Not long time ago we have got our self a new family member. A new family member!! Not human but a beautiful phone Nokia Lumia 625. So we have decided to dive into phone section for our readers. Currently we have a Windows Phone so we will be only covering a little about WP. Things apart as many of  WP users have known till now that WP 8.1 update 1 (GDR 1) has been released by Microsoft just day or two day ago for developers. So have updated our phone to check out whats new in this update.
We recently posted :

As per this new update Microsoft added few good and useful features, which can be very handy. They are Native live app folder support on start screen, new store live tile, some enhancement in Internet Explorer 11, VPN support, Multiple SMS deletion and forwarding, apps corner, Internet sharing through Bluetooth, etc etc.

First of all there are Live folders, this feature is cool as it gives ability to create folders with several apps inside it. It is simple to do just drag one app on another and it will create a folder automatically consisting both apps after this all you have to do is drag as much apps you want in this folder. On top of this you can create multiple folders and give them labels it for better understanding of whats inside it. 

Second good thing is Apps corner. It is good to keep annoying people or kids away from your phone's content. It is same like a guest account in which you can decide which apps and which settings to allow. You can easily enable Apps corner by going to settings > apps corner. To exit apps corner you just have to hold power button and swipe right.

There are again more features like selecting multiple sms to delete or you can simply select multiple sms and forward them as one. The Xbox music has been updated with some cool features. The security and privacy has been strengthened. The phone quite faster than before and not any noticeable change in battery life yet. It is giving a good backup like earlier. Our beloved Cortana has been released in few more regions i.e. UK and China as beta.
Internet sharing has become more easier as you can share data connection via Bluetooth with other devices. This can be handy if other phone doesn't have wifi function.
we have made a little video for introduction of Live folders and app corner.

Remember this a developer preview upgrade so we would suggest not to update your phone if you don't have any idea about this. As Microsoft stated it may void your warranty so better to update it when Microsoft will officially release it for all customers. This update may take few weeks or few months to arrive for all customers. But if you impatient like us then you can just register as developer at Microsoft and install preview for developers from store. and you are all set to grab this upgrade.

Overall This update is quite good and some features are really impressive. The phone is working smooth till now and everything is all fine. So we will be back again with some interesting things for you guys so stay tuned with us. Till then, ciao. 

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