Basic terminal commands for Manjaro Linux or any Arch based Linux distro

In our last post we explained how to install Manjaro, an Arch based Linux distro. Let's assume that you guys have installed it successfully but now you want to have more fun with it. Why don't we try installing some packages or have our way with the Terminal? But well how to use it's terminal? so we are again here to help you out about it. In this post we will be explaining some basic terminal commands for Arch based distro which are very useful in day to day life.
  • Command for updating system : If you used a debian based Linux distro earlier, then you must know how to update your system. In case of Arch it also work the same way but the only difference is command. To update your system use the following command:
    sudo pacman -Syu
To explain this command more properly take a look at below screenshot of our terminal.

  • Command for updating repository : It is always recommended to update your system after a fresh install of operating system. But if you want to update only repositories then it can also be done separately in Manjaro. To synchronize with your repositories just open up the terminal and type in following command: 
        sudo pacman -Syy
 This will only update your repositories and not the whole system. Take a look at below screenshot to understand it more accurately.

Manajro linux 21.3.0

  • Command to search specific package : Now let's think about installing packages via terminal. If you used Windows or other Linux distro before, then you may be worried if the same package is available in Arch or not. Well, we can do a quick search for it. To search a specific software package just type in the following command:
      pacman -Ss (package name)
We are going to explain this command by searching 0ad game. check out the below screenshot.

Manajro linux 21.3.0
  • Command to install package : We have done well job to search our required package on repository. Now it is time to install it. This process is also simple one and pacman takes care of additional dependencies while installing the package.
 sudo pacman -S (package name)
By adding package name instead of bracket you will be able to download and install the desired package. Let's try that with 0ad game.

Manajro linux 21.3.0

  • Command to install packages from AUR : There are few incidents when a particular software will not be available in Manjaro repository, but it will be available in Arch User Repository (AUR). Thought Manjaro officially don't recommend users to use AUR repository as it can have security concerns. To install a package from AUR simple pacman -S won't work. To do this you have to type in the following command in terminal:
          pamac search (package name)
pamac build (package name)
To explain this in detail we have installed chromium browser from AUR.

Manajro linux 21.3.0

  • Command to get details about installed package : You need to get detailed information about one of your already installed package? Well you can easily do it from terminal.
pacman -Qii (package name)
Just replace bracket with your desired package name that you have already installed in your system. For example we have used chromium browser.

Manajro linux 21.3.0

  • Command to remove package : There is always a need of uninstallation, even in this case too. You will find some packages that are no use to you and you will want to uninstall them. This can be done very smoothly with help of terminal.
sudo pacman -R (package name)
This command will find the already installed package and remove it. Again, we are explaining this more properly.

Manajro linux 21.3.0

This command will simply remove the package from the system, but the dependencies will be there. Alternate to this command a different command can be used to remove package as well as dependencies along with it.
sudo pacman -Rs (package name)
 Here are introduced few of the important commands in Manjaro or any other Arch based Linux distro. There are whole lot of commands but have the thrill of exploring them yourself. Stay tuned with us as we bring more and more cool stuff about Linux world.

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