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BlankOn 10.0 Tambora released

Some time ago developers behind BlankOn Linux team released a new version 10.0 codenamed Tambora. BlankOn is based on Debian and originated in Indonesia. This is the tenth release of BlankOn which includes lots of changes and improvements.

BlankOn uses custom desktop environment named Monokwari which is based on Gnome 3 shell. Monokwari now can be used on higher resolution like 4k dsplay. Monokwari uses GTK3 which will be legacy from this version and will be replaced completely by HTML5 in upcoming versions. It received updated search feature, weather widget, right-handed panel, cool new icons, etc. Moreover this release includes new set of icons called Tebu which replaced Komodo icon pack from previous releases.

Gnome 3.20 is used in BlankOn as base for Monokwari. It is been updated to support HiDPI resolution, MutiTouch input, gesture support. Geolocation and network management is also improved to work better. BankOn also includes various applications to make your daily life easier. Try the new BlankOn X Tambora and feel the changes and improvements.

To Download BlankOn X - CLICK HERE


  1. i'm blankOn user since 7.0 Pattimura!

    1. Nice to know that Evelyn.BlackOn has a strong base plus the features they gather at one place is the extra icing on the cake.
      Thank you.

  2. After installed, computer was sitting idle too long and went into a locked screen. Password required but my user created password did not work. What is the live-mode password for a locked screen?

    1. Hi John,
      there is no separate password for a locked screen. The same user name and password should work fine.
      Does it ask to enter the user name as well(based on any modification made further)?
      If Yes, then enter the exact same user name(Case Sensitive) and then password for the entered user account.


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