What is Privacy? Why is it even important for us?

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Today, I am going to write on a very interesting but somehow ignored term by many normal Internet users, and it is Privacy. Privacy is security, privacy is safety. If you don't take it seriously then it's a topic of a little bit (or more) attention. How? We are here for exactly that reason.

We know what is Privacy and we know how to be secure in this world becoming over-transparent, over-insecure (in terms of the Internet).
Are they the questions or even thoughts just crossed through your mind as I said, "I'll talk about Privacy over the Internet"? Might have!

Privacy? Security? Why are they even Important.

Privacy is not something that me or you going to read in some social media or any type of website's Privacy Policies and then, one would say, Yah, I understood all, they are not taking any single coin from my pocket! Done! But No, It's more sensible and much deeper thinkable point than we can even imagine. One should understand what is privacy and even if we completely read out the Policies and Terms, doesn't mean we are not likely to be at any risk. We should understand what we are sharing and how they can be used.
Let me start talking about this arguably big, real threatening, very important and sensitive topic using some major points and in the end, we are supposed to find out why Privacy is important for us, Is Your Privacy Secure, Good and the ways we can make our Privacy better and secure, How Privacy exists in our Internet Life (Or does not! who knows?).

What Is Privacy?
In simple words, Privacy is something that makes any individual keep themselves and their individuality, information safe and up to them and not compromised or shared without the permission of that individual. It is all about self-identity, personal information/data, public information/data can also be enlisted if they are not wanted to be shared with someone or somewhere specific.
By saying information or data, it could be anything, for instance, it could be your bank account number, your credit/debit card information, your passwords on important sites and services, your or going to very personal things, your likes/dislikes, your crush, even your sexual orientation. They all come under your private data and to keep them safe, Privacy should be concerned.
Privacy is an essential part of life and mostly the internet is the one making it weaker to keep in the safe-box.


[Quick Tips] How to get the list of upgradable softwares on Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian using Terminal?

Hello TechPhylumies :) This is our very first post under the 'Quick Tip' segment.Which is a new segment just for our Linux Begginers.
Well, Today a very quick tip on how to get the list of upgradable software and packages on Debian-based distributions, I know we have the graphical option available but we are trying to do it under the terminal, so to do so just fire up the terminal using Ctrl+Alt+T, and run the following command
sudo apt update
apt list --upgradable

How to check upgradable list of packages on ubuntu

and there you have it, you'll get the list of all the updatable packages available.

So we hope it was helpful for you, kindly put your views in the comment section below and you may also ask any issue or query in the comment section.Thank You.
See you in the next Quick Tip, Till then Eat healthy and use Linux :)


[Quick Tips] Notepadqq, An Alternative to NotePad++ on Ubuntu/Debian/Linux?

Hello TechPhylumies,
As the new initiative, We have a new category called Quick Tips.So Today's Quick tip is Alternatives to NotePad++ on Ubuntu/Linux
So here We Go

If You have migrated from Windows and you are missing your Notepad++ Text Editor, then here we have the best alternative for you.

Are You Looking for the best alternative to NotePad++? Then You will surely feel at home when you will try this awesome Text Editor called Notepadqq, with around 100 programming languages supported and cool color themes, Notepadqq is the best alternative for NotePad++.Plug-ins are there, Searh and replace, nice line based codes with Syntax HighLighting and many more.


How to monitor hardware temperature using Psensor on Linux?

So as we all are well aware of the damages coming in existance in our laptop or desktop hardwares just because of critical temperatures.Now,reasons for high temperature could be any,but as far as it's under our supervision,we can just save our system from getting damages by actions on time.

Psensor is a very useful application available on linux.It shows up most of the supported hardware temperatures,it doesn't stop here,there are mor,check'em out in this post.

  • Psensor can detect CPU,GPU,motherboard,Harddisk drives,cpu fan speed,cpu usage etc. with a graphical interface as well.
  •  You can set an alarm for critical temp. , by setting the high threshold temp. for individual hardwares.It's really helpful as you just dont't need to keep checking temperatures mannually all time around.


htop Process Viewer to monitor Processes on Linux

htop is a process viewer based on ncurses, running on your Linux system,very similar to top.If you have used top previously to view processes then you're going to feel right at the same home.But, htop stands itself above top by providing extra features.htop comes with ability to scroll up-down and horizontally as well,so it becomes easier to view the complete list of processes and commands of each processes.
htop process manager
(click on the image for full view)

Some HighLights of htop
  • htop is a text-mode process viewer for Linux/Unix based systems.
  • htop performs real-time monitoring of processes running on the system.
  • htop is very similar to top.But unlike top,htop supports scrolling vertically and horizontally as well.
  • Mouse scrolling and selection is available to perform options like killing,renicing.
  • Specific processes can be searched by names and locations.
  • Multiple processes can be tagged and a task can be performed for all the tagged processes.

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