How to monitor data internet speed and usage in ubuntu?

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Today we will show you how to monitor your internet data speed and also usage.
So there are many ways to do it but we will go much simpler and easier,as per our policy to keep Posts as easy as we can type for you :)
We will show few ways to do it so use the one easier for you.


Using 'System Monitor':

  So its a program preinstalled in your Ubuntu 14.04.
Just go to DASH and then search for System Monitor and launch it up.
So as you can see system monitor not only shows your internet speed and usage but also CPU,Memory,Process(From where you can manage running processes and also can end that process)

 Using 'System load Indicator':

So its also easy to use program just launch it and it will be in your top Menu Bar.
Its really a quicker way to check out Internet speed.
You can easily install it from Ubuntu Software center.

Using NetMonitor in Screenlets:

NetMonitor got an advantage as it works same as a GADGET/WIDGET hovering over your screen and you can also set it to 'keep above' all windows and also to start automatically with every boot.
Now I hope you must remember our post How to install Desktop Gadgets in Linux using screenlets?
If you havent installed Screenlets then follow the above mentioned post.
Now launch Screenlets manager and Search for NetMonitor and launch it.
There are also some other Screenlets but I like this one :) you may try otheres too.
Just Select 'NetMonitor' and then either click on Launch/Add or 'Mark Start/Stop' to Launch it.
Auto Start on login will enable it to launch it on every boot.

Other Screenlets:

So there are some other screenlets like 
  • Sysmonitor
  •  Infopanel
they not only monitor Internet speed but also CPU,Memory,Ram,IP etc.
So guys we hope this post was helpful and worked for you.
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