Friendly app on iOS : Get connected without worrying about phone space

Hi, fellow iPhone users, you have a great device right there in your hand but sometimes it lacks space to do certain things. While it is not a problem on newer devices but people still using iPhone 5 - 6S have this issue. You want to stay connected to social media but some apps like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram takes too much space due to their huge app size and the cache they produce. Well, how about all these 4 services in one app with negligible app size and much more added features? You heard it right!!
 Friendly helps you to stay connected with all these social websites and its app size is just about 35 MB. Still not getting excited?? Well then, let's see below some of the more features it offers.

Friendly on iOS 11.2.2Friendly on iOS 11.2.2

Friendly lets you use multiple accounts in one single app. More on it you can switch between them very easily. You can use 5 different Facebook accounts (if you have that much). You can have different color accent for multiple accounts.
Friendly on iOS 11.2.2
In Friendly, you get more features like,
  • Night mode to ease your eyes in dark.
  • Ad blocker which removes useless suggestions and annoying ads.
  • Passcode lock, you can set up a various passcode for multiple accounts.
  • Order your Facebook feed by most recent.
  • Download photos and videos directly to your device.
Well, we have few reasons to try out Friendly. So give it a go and see the change it brings. While free version offers many features, pro version enables ad blocker. We will be back with more stuff for iOS. So stay tuned and have fun with your device.

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