How to install Manjaro Linux

Few days ago we posted a review about Manjaro, an Arch Linux based Distribution. So there must be some users who are thinking to install Manjaro in their PC. To make that process more easier we are going to explain how to install Manjaro Linux along with Windows or without windows.
  • First thing you have to do is head to the Official Website of Manjaro Linux and download the latest ISO file of available version. After doing this you have to either burn that ISO to a DVD or simply make a bootable USB. To make a bootable USB use Rufus tool if you are using windows or use unetbootin if you are using any other Linux distro.
  • Now we assume that you have made a bootable USB of Manjaro Linux. Plug that USB in your PC's port and start your bootloader, from bootloader select boot from USB and save the configuration. The next thing you will see is Manjaro Linux splashscreen asking you to start Manjaro Linux. After completing this step you will enter live medium of Manjaro Linux.
  •   In the Live medium open up application launcher and choose installer. We recommend calamares as shown in screenshot below. This will open up the graphical installer for Manjaro, which is one of the epic thing for a Arch based distro.
Manjaro Linux 16.06.1
Choosing installer for Manjaro Linux
  • After starting graphical installer for Manjaro, you have to select language, keyboard lay-out and region, respectively. It is simple thing to do so anyone should not have any kind of problem here.
Manjaro Linux 16.06.1
Manjaro Linux 16.06.1
Manjaro Linux 16.06.1
  • After the easy part here comes an important step that will determine the future of your PC, The partition Manager. As you can see in screenshot below there are four options i.e. install alongside, replace a partition, erase disk, manual partitioning.
Manjaro Linux 16.06.1
Partition manager in installer
  • Here we are explaining different terms shown in the installation partion selection menu:
Install Alongside, by seleceting this option you can install Manjaro alongside windows or any other OS. To understand this option in more detail kindly see the below screenshots. We already have Manjaro Linux installed in our system using this same option. You can see our system's partitions are already divided as half for windows and half for manjaro. When we select windows partition again, you can see it is again further divided into half. This is the most safe and better way to install Manjaro alongwith Windows or other OS.
Manjaro Linux 16.06.1
install alongside option in installer

Replace a partition, this option will simply replace a partiton and install Manjaro in place of that. To understand it more accurately check the below screen shot.
Manjaro Linux 16.06.1
 You can see we used replace a partition option and selected windows partition. In the second line Manjaro is completely replacing windows partition.
Erase disk, this is a super option, it will simply wipe out your hard disk and install Manjaro in it. So be careful before using this option, taking backup of your files is suggested.
Manual partitioning, this is for advanced users who knows what they are doing. As we explaining this process especially for newbies, we suggest you not to mess in this option.
  • Now it's time to select location for bootloader. As you can see in the screenshot belowthere are 3 options in dropdown menu, it is because we have 2 HDD in our system. If you have only 1 HDD then there will be only one option. Select appropriate HDD i.e. your main HDD from which windows or any other OS boots.
Manjaro Linux 16.06.1
Bootloader loacation selection
  • The next screen you will get is user details. In this you have to fill basic information like username, password, etc. Keep the password in mind because without this you can't even be able to login in your new Manjaro desktop.
Manjaro Linux 16.06.1
  • And finally the summary of your installation process, this screen is to verify all your actions in previous screens. After checking it completely just click on next and the installation process will start.
Manjaro Linux 16.06.1

 After the process is complete remove the bootable USB and reboot the system. Thats it! Welcome to Manjaro Linux!

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