Oracle released VM VirtualBox 5.1.0

With some beta releases and one RC(Release Candidate),Oracle did many improvements and fixes to bring it's latest version with best features of all time ever and now finally,Orcale has proudly announced the final VM VirtualBox 5.1 release.It has improved in performance marginally with great new features.There are many new features to help in usability and better user experience.Let's find out What's New!

New Features in VirtualBox 5.1 Final

In the latest version of VirtualBox if something a normal or even a proffesional user will look for then it would surely be Performance.So Oracle has really did fantastic work to bring better performance.New APIC implementations have worked to bring better  performance.Multi-CPU and networking has been significantly improved to bring better performance. 

Virtual Box 5.1 has migrated to Qt5 for better GUI and passive API event listener,improves performance of GUI and response time as well.In addtion to this,for better audio performance many new addtions are made,like on-demand timers added and it is said to improve the overall performace and reduced CPU consumption.

A new bug reporting tool has been added,which will collect the performance details and logs related to host and guest OS and collected information will be used for debugging or analysis.Yes,it'll help alot in making VirtualBox better and also fixing isssues encountered as soon as it's encountered.

And finally something great for Linux,improved integration.There's automatic modules deployment when any new Linux Kernel upgrade is available.Systmd integration has also been improved for new Linux Distro releases.

Download latest VirtualBox 5.1 from here. If you're still working over last stable or even beta(/rc) release of VB 5.1 then upgrade to the final VB 5.1 for the latest features and for better performance with enhanced  user experience.


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