How to get detailed information of running processes in Windows?

When using default task manager, one can do pretty much all the things needed. But there are times when you just want to know some more about a process or need some more details that default task manager can't provide. To solve this problem or to give this extra advantage, there is an application named process manager. One can get various information of the system and processes using this tool.

From where should download this application?
You can search this application on any search engine or you can simply go to this website and download it for free.

What can I do with this application?
Well, you can do everything that default task manager do plus there is a bonus of more information. By using this application, you can see the list of current running processes. You can decide which to keep and which to kill. Moreover, you can see detailed information of what DLL a process using or which particular handles are opened by a process. There are two panes, upper pane show list of processes running while lower pane shows DLL or handles used by that particular process. In a simple way if you want to pinpoint a particular DLL and which process is using that DLL, you can do it with this application. Good thing about this application is that there is an option to replace it with default task manager, so you can always open it using default ctrl+alt+del combo.
process explorer in windows 8.1

What more this application do?
This application also shows different information of your system like CPU usage, GPU usage. It also shows information of I/O status, disk usage. You can also track down RAM usage and charge used by it. This application gives you the complete package of information you need.
process explorer in windows 8.1

So guys, why not use this more detailed application than default task manager? It is extremely lightweight for a system and provides way more information that expected. Give it a try and if you like it, then make it permanent. We will be back with more of these useful utilities which are free to use, so stay tuned with us.

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