About Us

TechPhylum is a Tech Blog.TechPhylum covers news, tutorials, reviews and related stuff mostly on Linux.Later on seeing our readers' interests, we added Windows and Android categories as well.
We, On TechPhylum, try to make an environment perfect for beginners.Our posts has many standards to keep up with, making beginner friendly and understandable are the priorities.
About the beginning of TechPhylum
TechPhylum is not very old name in the Tech World but we have a decent amount of readers for whom we love to write.TechPhylum was started in 2014 by two Tech Lovers Manoj Kumar Shaw(Founder, Author and TechPhylum's maintainer) and Sumit Rohankar(Co-Founder, Author).They are not professionally Tech Authors, but it is more than that.It is the Interest and Love for New Technologies in this never ending the mysterious world.Later on, other authors joined this platform to bring out the amazing ideas they could show to the cyber world.
What we do on TechPhylum?
Well, It's not a hard thing to be figured out.We on TechPhylum, have been a living seekers who have seen the Tech transformation.We are here also evolved with the evolvement of technology.
We post about but not limited to Tech News, Tutorials, Tips & Tricks, About Software, reviews and so on.Being a Tech Blog, our posts mostly try to cover Topics over Linux but we also write in the Android and Windows categories.
Our second priority is not making the quantity large but making the quality content vast.Wondering about the first priority? Well, It's being Beginner friendly.We always assume that our posts are going to be read by beginners first as our posts mostly cover contents targeting beginner users.But moderate and pro users are also welcome by our coverage of high-end posts.
Why are We on Blogger?
We have been asked by many, why are we on blogger and not on any self-hosted platform.So, for those who has this question arising in their mind then we would go with our one and only simple reason.The reason is we don't have any extra income to finance for a hosting.As all of the staff on TechPhylum are students having lower or no income.Thinking about ads? Well, we are not selling many ads for now, as soon as we'll do it, and start making a little money from it then surely a move will be made.

This is not all about us, you can get more information by following TechPhylum and its team on social media.Happy Browsing on TechPhylum! :)

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