How to install Desktop Gadgets in Linux using screenlets?

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So,today we are going to show you how to install gadgets in Linux(Ubuntu has been used for demo).
If you are new to Linux or you moved from Windows recently,then this post is going to be liked by you for sure!
In windows vista,windows 7 you must have seen the desktop gadgets,you must be missing those cool gadgets on linux,so we are here to guide you to how to get back those cool gadgets.

So here we go!

So as you can see a bunch of Screenlets(Gadgets/Widgets) in the above screenshot.
Screenlets not only allows us to take advantage of awsome Gadgets/Widgets but also provides customization on it,like some screenlets have themes to select for new look and feel,without getting borred.
we have option to launch many screenlets simultaneously and also the variety of screenlets is the most amazing part for me.I didnt get any thing skipped from the list of my needs.
whether it was data monitering Gadgets or it was my cpu,ram and background running files indicators or say sensors,all were there.
List is filled according to users need,i think so.As types of screenlets were consisting a good variety.
Features covered by screenlist is as:
  • Clocks-Digital & Analog
  • Calendar
  • Weather Monitering screenlets 
  • Text Note
  • System performance,configuration info and usage monitering Screenlets-Monitering ram,cpu usage,Background running programs.
  • Calculator
  • Pidgin-To see pidgin contactlist
  • Twitter-Shows tweets by friends/Public and not only that,you can also Tweet yours.
  • Data Counters-So i am happy that screenlets havent skipped Data monitering screenlets.It shows Data speed and also some shows Traffic. 
  • Feed readers 
  and many more check out them.
(So i launched few screenlets,you can see it above)
There are many like infoPanel,system monitor etc.

How to install screenlets:

So pals i hope you still remember my Linux Guide for beginners-Part 2
in which i directed you the three ways to install softwares in linux(ubuntu here).
So good thing is that here all three ways will work:

1.Using Ubuntu software Center(In ubuntu): So run software center and search 'Screenlets'and then there go below and then in add ons mark 'screenlets-pack-all' and then install it.

2.Using Synaptic package manager:Run it and in the search box type screenlets and then mark SCREENLETS and SCREENLETS-PACK-ALL,then click on apply button on the top.

3.Using Terminal:So firstly launch Terminal by ctrl+Alt+T .
Then there type(copy & paste) the following code:

  • To install screenlets:
sudo apt-get install screenlets
  • To install screenlets-pack-all:
sudo apt-get install screenlets-pack-all

So now you are done with installation process,Launch screenlets.

Lets try to launch any screenlets(Gadget/Widget),
but wait..wait.. how to do it?
do you know it mate?
No?then here is a screenshot to help you :)

 So steps are firstly click on any screenlet and then two ways to launch it,either click on the 'LAUNCH/ADD' or just 'MARK START/STOP'.

You can also see a option to 'Auto start on login'to automaticlly launch screenlets on every boot!

You can right click on any screenlets and change theme,lock/unlock position,Show above window,size,settings etc.

So friends i hope you liked this post :)
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