Upgrade to Linux Mint 18 from Linux Mint 17.3 is now available

Few days back Linux Mint 18 Sarah released with Cinnamon and Mate flavours.Many users might have already moved to this latest release by making a fresh installation.But,as it was also announced at the time of release that upgradation for already existing users on the previous version 17.3, will have to wait for the update to arrive and now here is the end of the wait.Yes! It is now available.You can update your Linux Mint 17.3 to the latest version.
Linux Mint announced it on their blog.They added the tutorial as well on how to upgrade to the latest Linux mint 18.

Who can Upgrade to Linux Mint 18?
Users who are on Linux Mint 17.3 can make an upgrade easily.For those who are on the previous versions like 17,17.1 or 17.2 then they have to firstly update their system to get Linux Mint 17.3 using update manager.

How to Upgrade to Linux Mint 18?
Linux Mint has provided a tutorial on how to upgrade to Linux Mint 18.It's easy to make the upgrade.Follow the instructions from this Tutorial.

So, if you're thinking to upgrade to Linux Mint 18 then follow the tutorial.However,in the announcement it was said, do the upgrade only if you have any reason(s) to upgrade to Linux Mint 18.As Linux Mint 17.x and 13 are LTS releases itself supported till 2019 and 2017 respectively.They are stable and robust,having less or no bug.So,If you're willing to upgrade then head over to the tutorial and follow it.

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