Solus Linux explained

We hope you guys are having fun on our website. This week we are meeting with another Linux distribution. Have you guys ever used an independent Linux distro? Well we are not talking about Debian, Fedora, Opensuse or Arch. In today's 8th segment of "Introduction with Linux Distro" we will be introducing you to an independent Linux distro named Solus. Check out our previous segments of this series by clicking following links.

Solus Linux is relatively new to Linux world. It's first release was in 2012. Today latest version of Solus is 1.2.1 which was released on June 2016. So let's take a look at some cool features Solus offers us.
  • The Desktop Environment : Solus uses one of the most beautiful desktop environment, the Budgie. It is written from the scratch and deeply integrates gnome stack. It is also the official desktop environment of Solus.
    Solus 1.2
    Solus Linux 1.2 with Budgie desktop environment

    Solus 1.2

  • Independent Nature : Yes, Solus is independent. It is written from the scratch. Being independent has it's own advantage, it's development can't be restricted by any other Linux platform and their releases. Being independent opens a great door to development and creation. Solus also have eopkg as package management. "eopkg" is fork of PiSi pakage management.
  • The Raven : This is one of the most epic feature of Budgie in Solus. Raven is a customisation hub which also manages applets, notifications. You can simply do lot of customisations from here. You can change themes, you can change icons, you can receive notifications here.
    Solus 1.2
    Raven in Solus
  • The Stability : Though it is new in Linux world but Solus is seriously stable. We have spent whole day with Solus and it is as stable as it's beauty. Solus uses Linux kernel 4.4.13. Solus can be a good alternative to your daily driver.
  • The Community : Solus have a good community support. You will surely get all of your questions solved by the community. Solus have community support over Facebook and Twitter too which is also an advantage to get your problem solved more quickly.
These are just few reasons to opt for Solus. Try it out in VM and if you like it then surely make it your daily driver by making a frsh installation. Explore this new independent distribution further more and as we always say, have fun with Linux.

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