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Korora 24 released

Looking for one of the best alternative for Fedora? then you guys might consider Kokora Linux. It is based on Fedora 24 but it have it's own advantages over vanilla Fedora. Now Korora 24 is released which is code named Sheldon. This version of Korora is using Linux kernel 4.6.3. There are some changes made in this new release.
  • 64 bit only : Starting from this version Korora will be available in 64 bit version only. Meanwhile 32 bit users are not abandoned, existing users of Korora 23 can upgrade to new version. But if you thinking to make fresh install then 64 bit is your only option.
  • No KDE plasma : There isn't any release of Korora 24 with KDE plasma. There are some problems with KDE for now. But if you are using Korora 23 in KDE flavor then you can upgrade to new version but you have to make few theme settings manually.
  • Desktop Environments : For now Korora is released in 4 flavors Gnome 3.20, Cinnamon 3.0, Xfce 4.12 and Mate 1.14. You can choose any of these to make a fresh install.
There are many more changes, fixes. Being based on Fedora it offers amazing stability and great performance. We will be giving a review on Korora 24 soon.
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