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Bluestar Linux 4.6.4 released

Bluestar Linux is an Arch based Linux distribution. Latest version of Bluestar is released a few hours ago. Bluestar is usually available in three editions  i.e. desktop, deskpro and developer, but Bluestar 4.6.4 is currently available in only desktop edition. Bluestar Linux is lightweight and uses KDE plasma as official desktop environment though it is hugely modified. There is no official announcement of latest version till now, but there are download links on official page.
bluestar linux 4.6.4
download links on official download page
If you don't know about this distribution then here are some features this distribution promises.
  • Up-to-date Linux kernel.
  • Lots of applications which always the latest versions.
  • Full development and proper support.
  • Fast, it is meant to be fast and lightweight.
  • It can be used as live medium and also as permanent system.
To download the latest version of Bluestar Linux just head to Official download page
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