Linux Mint-An Introduction

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So today, we are here to continue our "Introduction with Linux Distro" series. On our fifth segment we have Linux Mint. So what is Linux Mint?  It is an operating system based on Ubuntu and Debian.

Linux mint is probably one of the most famous Linux distro out there. It is a good choice for beginners as it includes easy to use tools with a great GUI (graphical user interface). Even though it is good for beginners, it doesn't mean that it don't provide advanced use. Ofcource it gives a  stable and secure atmosphere. It is beautifully designed and softwares are deeply integrated. The latest version of Linux Mint is 17 codenamed Qiana which is based on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr. It is a long term support version. After you done installing the OS, the first boot will bring you to welcome screen from where you can find various thing to help you understand whats going on your PC.

Linux mint use Cinnamon or Mate DE by default. We are using cinnamon edition of Linux mint 17. The desktop environment is deeply integrated in the OS. It is beautifully designed plus it gives an elegant look to your PC.
Linux Mint 17 running on cinnamon DE
Cinnamon DE in Linux mint 17

The update manager of Linux Mint do it's job very smoothly. It checks the updates of every single component of your pc including third party apps installed using software center. It provides all the updates in one place for easier installation  with less hassle.
 The software center of Linux mint is well categorized and designed. It is very easy to find your favorite apps and install them. The categories and navigation will make it easier to use. It also gives good graphical user interface for newbies to understand quicker.
 The file manager of  Linux Mint is nicely designed and it gives root access to your files and folders. One of the most essential part in every operating system.
 At the bottom, there's a toolbar with different things embedded in it. It is customizable so you can have your own taste in it. By default it includes a menu launcher button, some apps shortcuts, a notification panel, user accounts panel, sound panel, date and time panel, network panel, etc.
 The setting menu is well categorized and designed too. It gives easier navigation to the field you wanna go. From settings menu you can do almost all the changes in your operating system.
 Each flavor of Linux mint comes in two editions, one is with all the media codecs and one without media codecs. We suggest you to choose media codecs included edition. It saves the hassle of installing codecs later on. And for the entertainment purpose there are some apps like Banshee, Brasero, VLC media player, etc. which gives you music and video playback on the go.

Overall Linux mint is a versatile, stable and secure OS. It is very easy to use, but ofcource you will need to find out your way with some homework at some places. as per our suggestion Linux Mint is highly recommended for newbies as well as experts too. The mate flavor of Linux Mint can run on netbooks and oldies too. However Cinnamon flavour need 3D acceleration.

For more information about this distro and for downloading please visit their Official site

So with this we conclude our fifth segment. We will be back with more interesting things from Linux world so stay tuned and updated by subscribing us.

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