0 A.D. (Real Time Strategy open-source game)

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                  Well it's been quite time, but once again we are back with something interesting for you guys. Well for those who are new to our blog, we hope you will enjoy your stay here. Make sure to check out our recent topics as it can contain a good information that you may be seeking.
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So today we are here for gamers. Yup, it's the second segment of open-source gaming. missed the first segment? no problem you can easily check our first segment named M.A.R.S. - A Ridiculous Shooter (open-source game)
So today we are here to tell you about Real Time Strategy (RTS) game. Sounds interesting? well as we know in Windows there is Age of Empires, which is very famous RTS game.Somewhat similar to that we have 0 A.D. in Linux, windows and mac. Well 0 A.D. is still in alpha mode but considering the development and the features of game is worth trying.

 The main screen of game which is quite well categorized and players can play this game on single player and multiplayer mode. The game is roughly around 550 mb in size, which is a lightweight for hardcore gamers.

 There are few different settings to make your gameplay more interesting. This game also provide a map editor in which you can customize your own map for playing. In settings you can choose different locations, opponent difficulties and number of opponents. Can make teams according to need. Can adjust game speed, etc etc.

The game graphics are well designed for a alpha mode. It provides elegant graphics plus good soundtracks to enjoy. This game is very similar to Age of Empires so controls are also same in both game. But seriously i like the graphics of 0 A.D. more than AOE. There are few limitations in this game though but those aren't too painful. The latest Release of this game is alpha 16 - Patanjali. This game has code names from different historical persons and artifacts. Patanjali was a great Sanskrit guru in India in ancient time. The new release boast lots of bug fixes and new GUI and other cool things. Alternatively you can visit their official site for more information and downloads. We do recommend you guys to try out this game. It is available in different languages. However an average PC is required to play this game low spec pc won't be able to do much. Anyways let's conclude this segment here. We will be back with more amazing open-source games in near future so stay tuned with us. Till then, Ciao.

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