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How to take screenshots and video captures in games?

Hello buddies,

                        We hope you all are enjoying. Well we are here once again with something great for you. We were doing some maintenance to our site recently so won't be able to interact with you guys much but we are back now. For those who missed few things of our site can take a look at our recent posts.
Well there are times when you are playing game and want to take a screenshot and there happens the tragedy many screen capture software give a black screen in the screenshot. So we have a solution for this. There's a very good software named FRAPS. It is a very good and interactive software for taking screenshots while playing game. Not only that it also records video of your game in high definition. It is lightweight in size only2.2 mb. You can check their official website for more information and downloads. It is is easy to set up ss you can see in below screenshots.
 There are 4 tabs in software for setting it up. In general tab you can enable/disable automatic startup, monitor aero desktop, minimize to system tray, etc etc.

 On the next tab you can setup the benchmarking. You can setup FPS, frametimes, etc. You can easily view FPS while playing game. You can set on which corner FPS count should be shown or you can select to hide it also.

The next tab is of video capture. By default F9 is video capturing key, you can change this an other various parameters on this tab.
The last tab is of screenshots. You can also change parameters here according to your convenience. Once you done changing everything according to your need, you are all  set to use it. Don't close it just minimize it. While playing games simply press F10 to take screenshots of high quality and press F9 to start video capturing and again F9 to stop recording video. As you can see it's very easy to use. We would suggest you to use it in system which have nVidia or AMD graphics card, as this software works better and faster with graphics cards. It can easily handle high quality video captures and screenshots if your system have decent quality of hardware. In low specs PC you can find it slower. So anyways if you wanna show off your gaming skills or really need some image from game to set up as your desktop wallpaper then install fraps and start frapping :P SO this is it for today's post, happy gaming to all. We will be back with some more interesting information so stay tuned with us, till then ciao.
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