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How to convert file format easily on a windows PC?

Hello everyone,

                          Once again we are here with something very important in our day to day life. Well we usually watch videos, listen music, etc on our PC. The PC is very mighty when compared to phones, consoles, etc. We can easily play almost every type of video, audio, image files on PC. But in case of phones or consoles it's not possible to play every file file format and at all bitrate also. So here we gonna help you in solving that problem.
We recently posted :

So it is quite simple to convert files to your desired media formats and to desired bitrates and FPS too. We can do it with a software called Format Factory. It is indeed a lightweight software to start with. Along with it's lightweight characteristic it is very easy to use and very versatile software in converging processes.
 As you can see in above screenshot. There are 5 tabs in the software which are very well categorised for formats and converting specific types. You can convert any of image to any format. All you need to do is select the format you want to convert your desired image to and then choose the files you wanna convert and just click on start.

 It can also convert audio files. So if you ever got audio files in suppose .ogg format and your phone can't play ogg format then no worries, all you need to do is convert those files and transfer them to your phone.
 It also have some unique features like video joiner, Audio joiner, mixing of video and audio, etc. which are very handy. As this software can do it in mass amount too.

 It can convert lots of video formats to various sizes, formats, bitrates and fps too. So worried about video not playing in your PSP? No problem format factorywill convert it for your PSP without any issues. It can convert videos for various phone sizes.
More on it it have cool features like cropping the video before converting so you will result as cropped converted video. It can crop the video time length as well as tt can also crop the portions in video too which is very useful.
It also have function to convert  DVD and audio CD into video and audio files which can be stored in your PC. It can convert DVD to ISO as well as an iso file to cso and vise versa. It is indeed very useful softwares than usingany online video converter as it works completely offline. You can check their official website for more information and downloads. 
So that's all for today, we will be back with some more interesting things so stay tuned with us. Till then, ciao.

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