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How to create a bootable DVD easily?

Hello guys,

                   We hope you are having fun. Well today we gonna teach you how to create a bootable DVD. This is not a big task but some people can get confused in nero or some people don't even know how to do this. So we gonna explain How this thing works actually.
We recently posted :

In past we explained about how to create a bootable USB with and without dos. So let's start with how to make a bootable DVD. For this purpose all you need is a lightweight software called ImgBurn. It is a very lightweight software and can be used to burn DVD, HD DVD, Blue ray, CD, etc. Furthermore you can visit their official site for downloads and more information. This software can also be used on Linux using Wine.
As you can see in below screenshots it have an interactive user interface for easy use. You can see options like write image to disk, create image from disk, etc.
  • By using the Write image to disc option you can make a bootable DVD using an ISO file. It is way too simple to do that. As you click on that option you will be proceeded to next screen where you have to choose image file to burn which you can see in second screen. You have to brows for you desired ISO file and make sure it is of proper size so it can fit in disk. After you selected the iso file all you have to do is click on proceed button. The software automatically detects inserted DVD and starts the burning process. Now you have to wait until the process completed which will take not more than 5 minutes and there you got your bootable DVD.
  •  The second option is of creating image file i.e. ISO from the disk. This option is used for ripping data from the disk. It can be anything like OS or media, etc. This option will create a copy of it in an ISO container.
  • The third option is verify disk. This option can be used to check whether the disk is burned properly or does the disk contain any media, etc.
  • Fourth option is to write files/folders to disk. This option is useful for backup process, you can select the desired files and folders and burn them in a DVD.
  • Create image from files/folders, this option is used for making ISO file of desired folder or files.
  • Discovery is used for checking the DVD disk to find what it contains i.e. discovering the disk.
The software has lot of settings factors in it.  According to lightweight nature it seems ridiculous but this software have lots of advanced features. As you can see in below screenshots it have lots of settings which can be changed according to user's need.

 So this is it for today, hope this post will be helpful to you guys. We will be back with more interesting information and tricks which can be handy in day to day life. So stay tuned with us. Till then, ciao.

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