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f.lux : an interesting eyes friendly software

Hi guys,

               Well recently we have been posting about games and softwares mostly. So here is another addition to that. Well we gonna introduce a very useful software with a very lightweight size. Yup that's right. You work late night on PC? or you like to browse the web late night? this software is totally for you.
We recently posted :
So the name of software is Flux or f.lux whatever you wanna call it. It is useful in modifying the screen light  during night time. PC screen is looking good during day time but during night especially around 1 am or 2 am. it's very annoying to such a sun like screen light. This software exactly do the trick here it modifies the screen light so it won't look too annoying to the eyes. It somehow hugely calm down eyes and mind :P It is available in multi platform i.e. windows, linux, mac, iphone/ipad. You can visit their official site for more information and downloads.
 The software is pretty lightweight around 580 kb and run smoothly in background. it have setting to arrange the light effects. But if you don't wanna play around settings part just set up your location or it will automatically detect your location via network. It will automatically make the screen light turn fluorescent like  which calms eyes of users against the bright blue light wwhich is said to be affecting sleeping. So in some manner f.lux helps you to have better sleep and good health.

We would definitely suggest you to try it out especially if you work late night on pc. So this is it for today. We will be back with more information on useful and lightweight softwares which will make life easier on a PC :P anyways stay tuned with us as we will keep updating you with new and old stuffs. Till then , ciao.

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