How to monitor hardware temperature using Psensor on Linux?

So as we all are well aware of the damages coming in existance in our laptop or desktop hardwares just because of critical temperatures.Now,reasons for high temperature could be any,but as far as it's under our supervision,we can just save our system from getting damages by actions on time.

Psensor is a very useful application available on linux.It shows up most of the supported hardware temperatures,it doesn't stop here,there are mor,check'em out in this post.

  • Psensor can detect CPU,GPU,motherboard,Harddisk drives,cpu fan speed,cpu usage etc. with a graphical interface as well.
  •  You can set an alarm for critical temp. , by setting the high threshold temp. for individual hardwares.It's really helpful as you just dont't need to keep checking temperatures mannually all time around.
  • You can set it to start on every time you restart your system automatically.
How to install Psensor?
To install Psensor firstly you have to install some dependencies.Open Terminal and follow 
Use the following commands to install lm-sensor and hddtemp:
sudo apt-get install lm-sensors hddtemp
 Next we have to detect hardwares so type-in this command:
 sudo sensors-detect
Now finally here is the command to install it:
sudo apt-get install psensor

So mates next time after installing Psensor,you will always be alerted by the temperature of your system and it must be really helpful in keeping your device safe from critical damages due to highly increased temp.

This was all for today,see you all in our next post :)
Till then Take care of urself nd ur devices too ;)

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