[Quick Tips] How to get the list of upgradable softwares on Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian using Terminal?

Hello TechPhylumies :) This is our very first post under the 'Quick Tip' segment.Which is a new segment just for our Linux Begginers.
Well, Today a very quick tip on how to get the list of upgradable software and packages on Debian-based distributions, I know we have the graphical option available but we are trying to do it under the terminal, so to do so just fire up the terminal using Ctrl+Alt+T, and run the following command
sudo apt update
apt list --upgradable

How to check upgradable list of packages on ubuntu

and there you have it, you'll get the list of all the updatable packages available.

So we hope it was helpful for you, kindly put your views in the comment section below and you may also ask any issue or query in the comment section.Thank You.
See you in the next Quick Tip, Till then Eat healthy and use Linux :)

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