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Calculate Linux explained

Hello guys, welcome to 14th segment of "Introduction with Linux Distro". This segment is typically for people who runs server or like some deep playtime with commands. This distribution is based on Gentoo Linux and is typically made for servers. We recently gave a news about this distro. Calculate Linux will be our guest for this segment. Want to have some deep linux fun? then this distro is good for you.
In June 2007 Calculate Linux made it's debut in Linux world. From last 10 years it is constantly supporting the community and industries using it. Latest version i.e. Calculate Linux 17 was released few days ago with lots of improvements and fixes. Let's get to know about this distribution.
    • The Flavors : Calculate Linux is available in four flavors. Calculate Linux Desktop (CLD), Calculate Directory Server (CDS), Calculate Linux Scratch (CLS) and Calculate Media Center (CMC). One can choose any flavor according to their needs but ultimately you can also use it all. For this segment we are using CLD flavor.
    • Look and Feel : Calculate Linux Desktop comes in different editions i.e. KDE, Xfce, MATE. You can choose any desktop environment. All environment are nicely integrated in this distro. We are using KDE edition and it is as beautiful as it should be.
      Calculate Linux 17
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    • You can also change themes to make it look according to your needs. There is online collection of various themes to choose from and make customization even more interesting. You can change icons, windows, splash screen. etc individually too.
      Calculate Linux 17
      There is also a nice and beautiful dock at the bottom (It is nicely hidden though, we also didn't notice it first :P). You can easily configure your applications and shortcuts on this dock for quick access.
      Calculate Linux 17
      Even the lock screen and splash screen are beautifully made. One will simply mesmerize in the beauty of Calculate Linux.
      Calculate Linux 17
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    • Features and Community : Calculate Linux has several unique features like rolling release of binaries, easier updates using portage, different desktop environment according to your hardware specs. It also provides utilities to make installation easier. its domain Server supports Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 clients. Calculate Linux also gives 27/7 IRC support to it's users. The community is helpful enough to solve your problems and teach you in case. You can find lots of tutorials and articles to help you learn this distro in the forums. 
    •  Packages and Daily Needs : It includes lots of packages out of box which is useful in day to day life. You don't need to run a server to use Calculate Linux. You can use it as an alternative to your Windows system or any other Linux system. If you need to use it for multimedia and graphics then you can. It includes various multimedia and graphics applications like GIMP, Clementine, SMplayer, KMix, K3b, etc. In case you want to use it for office use then you have complete Libreoffice preinstalled in it. If you want to use it for internet related things then you have Firefox, KToreent, KMail, IM client, etc. Moreover you can install extra packages according to your need like in any other operating system.
      Calculate Linux 17
    • Social Media Connectivity : Calculate Linux also gives you inbuilt option to connect to various Social networking and messaging services via it's IM client. You can access many popular messaging services like Skype, AIM, Telegram, Yahoo messenger, Google messenger, etc using this. It gives quick access to all the services at one place.
      Calculate Linux 17
    • Stability : We have been using Calculate Linux from few days and what we learned is this distro is seriously stable. It uses Linux kernel 4.4.39 and it is very stable. It also uses Plasma 5.8.5 and KDE framework 5.29.0. We simply loved the stability and performance it offered. It is smooth and very responsive and can be used in older system in Xfce and MATE editions.
      Calculate Linux 17
    So overall, Calculate Linux can be an ideal distribution for you to use. It is made for servers but it also gives similar priority to normal users. Try it in VM first and if you like, make it permanent. This distribution can be start of your deep Linux playtime. We will be back with another interesting distribution in next segment so stay tuned with us and as always, have fun with Linux.

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      1. I have been using Calculate for over a year as my daily driver, it has been rock solid stable. I use a lot of obscure software but Calculate has access to all Gentoo packages so everything I need has been available. As it is based on Gentoo, it is also a gentle introduction to this huge distro and community. Apart from the Calculate community you can often find help in the Gentoo community and documentation.


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