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Facebook Announced Video App for watching videos on Smart TVs-Find Out More

We all watch hundreds of videos on our Facebook Feed, videos by our friends & family, Pages and People we follow, Groups and some others.Whatever might be the source of the videos we simply love watching videos and facebook is now having a large amount of videos. We can not say it rivals YouTube but in near future, it might and one more step has been taken towards that.Facebook on 14th Feb, announced a new way to watch Facebook videos, now Facebook is rolling out the ability to watch Facebook Feed videos direct on your TV using a mobile app.So now you can watch your favorite videos on bigger screens with just one click on your mobile phone.The app will allow users to watch all kind of facebook videos direct on their Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV and we guess on other smart TVs should also work.

Even if this feature is something we have already seen by other video serving sites and apps, Facebook videos stand differently from all of them, being short in length and of course videos by family and friends on events, birthdays or any sudden live on Facebook can not be compared to others.


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