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New Year Announcement

Hi there, first of all, wish you all a very happy new year.
Happy New Year 2018
We hope this year will bring lots of new things to your as well as our lives. Well, this year we decided to make some changes to our blog.

More content incoming

Considering the free time this year, post frequency will be much more improved and hopefully will be constant with low ups and downs. We decided to bring more fresh and quality content to you guys. As our main focus is on people who are new to Linux and PC, we will bring more of tutorials which once used to be the main factor of this blog. So rest assured, the reign of tutorials will rise again.

Carry Forward

We have not forgotten our new categories started last year. We are bound to stick with our previous categories 'My Views', 'Quick Tips', and 'Free BSD'. 

Something for iPhone users 

Oh yes!! we got an iPhone to play with now. Thus, we will be bringing some cool stuff for our readers who use iPhone. A new category for iOS will be added and lots of new stuff in the same category is going to make its way in.

For now, this is all we gonna announce. So let's have fun together.


[My Views] A new Segment on TechPhylum

Hello, TechPhylumies!
So We are here with a new segment on Your Tech Spot Blog, TechPhylum, named as My Views.
TechPhylum- My Views

Who's view? Who is 'My'? What is this new segment going to consist of? What You people are going to do in this? How Would it be helpful for me? (User's Views)
Well, all of these questions might be hitting those minds just processed the title of the post as 'My Views'. Relax, we are going to explain all. Join us and read the following lines, it won't be taking too long time.

What we are up to in this segment is simply the Tech World and view on that Tech stuff of a Simple End User, a normal consumer of technologies. Yes, it is not the author's views particularly or individually. This view must be underlying to the thoughts of any simple user who starts and ends his days with technology. Whether it's the ringing tone of mobile alarm or it is the navigation map we get on our car's dashboard to reach to nearest destination as per needs, or it could be the Kindle giving us pleasurable experience of reading the e-books, ultimately it is anything that we can say comes under the mobile or computational technology.

We will keep updating this segment with many interesting posts on mobile phones, laptops, Android, Microsoft Windows, our loved one Linux and so on. Stay with us and we promise you all will surely enjoy this new segment. Till then Sayonara, eat fruits every day, stay healthy and use tech, use Linux 😊😊


[Quick Tips] The new segment of TechPhylum

Well TechPhylumies, We were thinking to bring some new segments to TechPhylum(Uh! It might have reminded you all of FreeBSD (-_-"), We are working on folks.) So, An instant and creative thought hit our minds that why not to start a Tip and Trick segment.It will not only bring something new and knowledge-rich stuff, to the city(TrchPhylum) and Residents(TechPhylumies) but also it will be very helpful for those Begginers, who has just understood the importance of Google and DuckDuckGo in the terms of learning.
 What we are gonna Pots in this Section called 'Quick Tips'?

  • Linux Tips: First and our main focus would always be Linux Based tips and tricks. It will cover most of our favorite Linux Distributions' how toS and TroubleShoots.
  • Android Tips: Daily driver after our Linux System is always our Mobile phone and the most preferred mobile operating systems is in our list.
  • Last but not the least Wndows and Anything that falls under the term 'Tech' is surely gonna take a space on our article column.
So, Get ready guys to get awesome list of tips. See You all in our next post, till then chew your food properly while eating and use Linux :)

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