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Calculate Linux 17 Cinnamon released

Calculate Linux Calculate Linux 17 was launched back at the very end of last year in KDE and MATE editions, You can check Calculate Linux 17 Released.Now it is time to taste the new flavour, Cinnamon.
Calculate Linux Team has announced the release of Calculate Linux 17 Cinnamon.
Well, Calculate Linux Desktop Cinnamon(CLDC) must be having key and basic features and packages just like other DE flavoured Calculate Linux variants.Apart from that CLDC is released with Cinnamon 3.2.7.Other than that Firefox, RythomBox, Gimp, Pidgin, Totem and many more packages are updated and pre-installed in CLDC.
This release is available for both i686 and x86_64 architectures.
In the terms of looks, Calculate Linux Team has tried to make users feel right at home, by rebranding Cinnamon and making the Graphics of real cinnamon desktop not to spoil the Calculate Linux feel.
Have a look at the screenshots that the team has posted in the announcement

Calculate Linux 17 cinnamon

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