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What is Privacy? Why is it even important for us?

Welcome, TechPhylumies!
First Post under the new Segment My Views.
Today, I am going to write on a very interesting but somehow ignored term by many normal Internet users, and it is Privacy. Privacy is security, privacy is safety. If you don't take it seriously then it's a topic of a little bit (or more) attention. How? We are here for exactly that reason.

We know what is Privacy and we know how to be secure in this world becoming over-transparent, over-insecure (in terms of the Internet).
Are they the questions or even thoughts just crossed through your mind as I said, "I'll talk about Privacy over the Internet"? Might have!

Privacy? Security? Why are they even Important.

Privacy is not something that me or you going to read in some social media or any type of website's Privacy Policies and then, one would say, Yah, I understood all, they are not taking any single coin from my pocket! Done! But No, It's more sensible and much deeper thinkable point than we can even imagine. One should understand what is privacy and even if we completely read out the Policies and Terms, doesn't mean we are not likely to be at any risk. We should understand what we are sharing and how they can be used.
Let me start talking about this arguably big, real threatening, very important and sensitive topic using some major points and in the end, we are supposed to find out why Privacy is important for us, Is Your Privacy Secure, Good and the ways we can make our Privacy better and secure, How Privacy exists in our Internet Life (Or does not! who knows?).

What Is Privacy?
In simple words, Privacy is something that makes any individual keep themselves and their individuality, information safe and up to them and not compromised or shared without the permission of that individual. It is all about self-identity, personal information/data, public information/data can also be enlisted if they are not wanted to be shared with someone or somewhere specific.
By saying information or data, it could be anything, for instance, it could be your bank account number, your credit/debit card information, your passwords on important sites and services, your or going to very personal things, your likes/dislikes, your crush, even your sexual orientation. They all come under your private data and to keep them safe, Privacy should be concerned.
Privacy is an essential part of life and mostly the internet is the one making it weaker to keep in the safe-box.


[My Views] Ubuntu 17.04 and future versions

Hi, guys it's been quite a long time since I last talked (rant) about random things while just having a relaxing day. Well, I will be ranting (i mean talking) today about some interesting stuff going on in Ubuntu world. So let's just sit back, relax, get comfy and talk about recent changes and future changes in Ubuntu.

After the release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, lots of people were frustrated because AMD dropped their driver support for legacy hardware. That mean that legacy GPU won't be running on fglrx frivers anymore. One of our PC is also running with Radeon GPU and we were also frustrated with this move from AMD. We did run Ubuntu on that machine on minimal UI and without driver support. To save the day, there were some open-source alternatives, but those weren't giving enough performance. This was just the same in 16.10. Only newer hardware got supported from AMD with their AMDGPU-PRO drivers. What about the older and legacy hardware??? We lost hope on our AMD machine, but then 17.04 got released. This new version brought new light or AMD GPU users, as also brought support for legacy hardware with its AMD-Radeon drivers. Now Ubuntu works excellent on our AMD machine.

Though it is now running smoothly, but we are still not a big fan of Mir and Unity. Most of the time our team is divided in two when it comes to desktop environments and Ubuntu. One part of the team goes in favor of Unity, while the other on goes for KDE or GNOME. To be honest I loved to GNOME as a desktop environment. It was my first time using a Linux distro and I installed Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 LTS which had GNOME as it's default desktop. I really enjoyed Ubuntu a lot at that time but I was all gone in Ubuntu Natty 11.04. Though initially I wanted to try out Unity a lot but faced disappointments when it came down to performance. From that time I slowly began to lose my interest in Ubuntu and got more attracted to Fedora, SUSE, and Arch. I loved OpenSUSE more than any other distro and I still use it as my primary distro. But now, there was an announcement from Ubuntu team that Unity will be dropped and GNOME will use as it's default desktop again in future versions. This is what made me excited enough to try out Ubuntu once again. It was the decision that I personally liked and appreciated. So now Ubuntu team and Ubuntu GNOME team will just merge and make one single product that will be beautiful and fun like old days which made Ubuntu so good and made a vast community. Well after dropping Mir and Unity, let's see how Ubuntu change the tides with GNOME and Wayland.

Well, there is a lot more I have to say but that will just make this post longer and it will be too stupid to read it all. I will make sure to rant again about more different things in future and present my views in front of you guys. If you agree with me on above thing or disagree with me or just want to say something to enlighten our knowledge, please feel free to use the comment section and let everyone know what you think and feel.


[My Views] A new Segment on TechPhylum

Hello, TechPhylumies!
So We are here with a new segment on Your Tech Spot Blog, TechPhylum, named as My Views.
TechPhylum- My Views

Who's view? Who is 'My'? What is this new segment going to consist of? What You people are going to do in this? How Would it be helpful for me? (User's Views)
Well, all of these questions might be hitting those minds just processed the title of the post as 'My Views'. Relax, we are going to explain all. Join us and read the following lines, it won't be taking too long time.

What we are up to in this segment is simply the Tech World and view on that Tech stuff of a Simple End User, a normal consumer of technologies. Yes, it is not the author's views particularly or individually. This view must be underlying to the thoughts of any simple user who starts and ends his days with technology. Whether it's the ringing tone of mobile alarm or it is the navigation map we get on our car's dashboard to reach to nearest destination as per needs, or it could be the Kindle giving us pleasurable experience of reading the e-books, ultimately it is anything that we can say comes under the mobile or computational technology.

We will keep updating this segment with many interesting posts on mobile phones, laptops, Android, Microsoft Windows, our loved one Linux and so on. Stay with us and we promise you all will surely enjoy this new segment. Till then Sayonara, eat fruits every day, stay healthy and use tech, use Linux 😊😊

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