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Porteus 3.2.2 final released

Porteus is a Slackware-based fast and portable Linux Distribution.The Porteus team was working RCs for the release of their next big update, and here is Porteus 3.2.2 final available to download and use.The Porteus team has made an announcement.
Porteus is available in four Desktop Environments, counting XFCE4, MATE, Cinnamon, and KDE5.Well, we have a good list of most preferred list of DEs to try from.
Porteus xfce
What's New in Porteus 3.2.2?
The announcement covered a list of changes and it goes like the latest Linux kernel 4.9, Pulseaudio, eudev, consolekit2 and more complete 000-kernel firmware.
The best and useful thing introduced in this update is, one can update individual applications right from the console.How? Just fire up the console and type in the command update-firefox or say update-libreoffice.


  1. What's new in Porteus 3.2.2, compared to the previous versions?

    Well, now, it's virtually useless.

    It has to be burned to a CD, because when copied to a USB drive (following all of the instructions) it does not boot.

    It is impossible to connect to a mobile broadband network, even though the device is recognised.

    It supports only US English, Spanish, & Brazilian Portuguese keyboards.

    So, a wasted CD, and therefore environmentally unfriendly.

    Porteus used to be a great distro, but this latest version is a massive downgrade.

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