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[Quick Tip] How to quickly Download any YouTube video?

Hello TechPhylumies, So Welcome Back to Quick Tips.
Today We have a very nice or we should be saying very quick way to download youtube videos.
Here we go with step by step quick guide
Step 1
Quickly Download YouTube Videos

Go to the video link that you want to download. For example, say the link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxjsACmEbJw

Step 2
Quickly Download YouTube Videos

Simply edit the link by deleting few characters from it, i.e. 'UBE' from the link and it will look like https://www.yout.com/watch?v=BxjsACmEbJw and just visit that link and you will get to a website giving you options to download the video in mp3 or video format with resolutions.
Quickly Download YouTube Videos

Step 3

Simply switch to MP4(video) and click on the RECORD button. And Done!
Quickly Download YouTube Videos

So, We hope You liked our this post and our new segment called Quick Tips.We'll see you in our in next post till then EAT LESS FATTY FOOD, STAY HEALTHY AND USE LINUX :)


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  2. I've been using Facebook since it first started, but until recently never took the time to fancy it up. First thing I tried, after some of my friends recommended it youtube mp3 converter


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