What is Debian? A brief introduction

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Today we have something interesting for you. We are gonna introduce the Linux world to you slowly and steadily.

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So here's the first piece of our intro series. Today we are going to know about Debian. It is one of the first Linux distribution. Debian was initially launched at 1993 August. The name Debian was given by the creator of Debian, Ian Murdock and his wife Debra.

Debian is a huge set of open-source packages. Debian also supports installation of non-free packages, but the number is big in free packages. According to official source Debian contains about 37500 free packages in its repository. And Debian provides all this for free of cost. A team of around thousand or more people work on Debian to make it better.

The latest stable release of Debian is 7.5 Wheezy. Debian has also released the alpha 8.0 Jesse for further development. By default, Debian uses Gnome desktop environment. But it also gives an option to choose between Gnome, KDE, Xfce and LXDE environments too. Debian is very easy to install due to its graphical installer.

Debian is robust and secure Operating system. Debian supports most of hardware and architectures, so you usually don't have to worry about whether it will run on your PC or not. Now the thing is drivers? you must be wondering how to get drivers for Debian. Do not worry, for most of new and old hardware the community of Debian has made drivers. So you don't have to wait for your vendor to make drivers for your hardware. And once again as it's open-source, so it's all for free.

Debian is supported by the community. So you can be assured that your problem will definitely get solved as there are actual users of Debian supporting you. Debian has wide range of software to choose from, which is of course free of cost. Debian is also very stable and powerful OS, which will give you amazing performance, security, a good Graphical user Interface (GUI) and also ease of use.

When it comes to stability, we mean less crash and hangs but more performance. Debian fulfill this role very well. Debian is also very easy to upgrade. The Debian team has worked hard to compile all the packages in there repository so that we can easily find them and install in our system.

So overall, it's been 20 years for Debian. So we can see the hard work and dedication of Debian team to keep it in the best condition for users. Debian can be installed either via buying a DVD or by downloading ISO files. So we would like to suggest you to give Debian a try. It has lots of things on grand scale to provide you.

Debian is the first one in our Introduction of Linux world section. We will be back with another Linux distribution next time. Stay tuned, there is lot more in Linux world. Till then, ciao.

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