A step towards future : here comes Windows 10

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                 Well well not long time ago rumors were in the air about windows 9, but here it is already. Day before yesterday Jeo Belfiore from Microsoft has announced Windows 10, the new revamped and interesting member of Windows OS family. There are quite a new things involved in it. It is said that final version of Windows 10 will be released with DirectX 12. Well let's take a look what is included in new windows 10.

Here is the desktop, everyone is very familiar with this. It is similar to that of windows 7, 8 & 8.1. But there are few changes like new icons, universal search, etc etc.

 The next thing comes in mind is the start menu. Well this is one of the key factor of Windows 10. Guess what? the beloved start menu of old times is back with amazing integration of  start screen in it. As you can see in above screenshots, we can just simply drag and drop apps to the start menu tiles, resize them and have fun of live tiles in the start menu.

Another amazing thing is ability to do multitasking in a stylish manner. The idea is old but integration is new. You can simply run multiple apps at same time simultaneously without minimizing the other app. This gives a very easy usability and great for multitaskers.
Now here is integration of "workspaces". Actually Microsoft calls it desktop but as we are more into Linux, we know it by name of "workspace". In this part you can simply divide your workload on different screens. This helps a lot in categorizing the tasks and screen. For example one can open up his/her office tasks on one workspace and open entertainment tasks on other workspace. In this way they both wont get mixed up in single screen. Small but very interesting feature in terms of user friendly nature and easier usability.

You can Check out the below video of Joe Belfiore introducing the new Windows 10 and it's interesting features.

Apart from this all Microsoft is going to make Windows 10 a unified OS among all the windows devices ranging from 4 inches to 80 inches. That means there will be one windows and one windows store in desktop, laptops, tablets, windows phone. The apps will be available simultaneously over all devices to use whether its phone or tablet or PC. This is quite a great news for developers finally they can make a single app for all platform.

Well this is it for today, we will be back with more news and stuffs so stay tuned and keep computing. Till then, ciao

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