Twilight-Android App to make screen easy on eyes at nights

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So today we are gonna introduce you guys with an app that is just gonna increase not only your ability to use your Android Device at night but also due to the scientific reasons behind this technology,you are gonna get around 1 hour(more or less) of more sleep at nights.This app is really really helpful for most of us.
It's not only helpful at night and eve times but also if you're somewhere having lower light conditions,just turn it on and adjust the screen brightness accordingly and You are good to go........!

Interesting Aha???? So let's start it up....!

Twilight and It's Features
So Twilight is something which is just gonna change your night(low light surrounding) usage experience for sure.

As all of us are already aware of the load on eyes when we use our phones at eve or night times for long like reading,chatting or even watching videos(I wont say only movies :p)
According to the scientific studies, using phones,tablets or any kind of screenie devices for long at night can, not only give you load nd strain on eyes but also it can affect your sleeping time.

So without wasting more scrolls,here are some great features,you should have look at....

  • Location Based Auto-control Brightness- So once Twilight detects your location or you either set your location manually,then based on your location it will set sun-set/rise timings and screen controls accordingly.
  • Shortcut In Notification Bar-Now, Here this part may have different kind of preferences and likes for different users.You get a shortcut always available just one swipe down,and you have access to the shortcuts of twilight.You can pause/run directly from here.If you get it annoying then you can easily turn it off,Right from more settings in your app. :)

  • Profiles To Suit Your Ambience-You can set different profiles for different timings or different light ambience.You can toggle it right from the shortcut in Notification Bar.You can schedule your profiles too.

Should AMOLED users use it or not?
So I was having a news buzzing over the online forums and some blogs as well, that this or similar kind of apps may cause permanent burns to your AMOLED display and will reduce the life.
But as mentioned on the page of the app itself,they have tested it up for more than 2 years and they didn't find any kind of depletion in the screen.And it doesn't stop here they've also added that properly configured twilight may even increase your AMOLED screen life for few more adds on your calender.
Even some users confirmed in forums(Yah,I checked it for our AMOLED users ;)...... )that they had been using this or similar kind of app on their phone for year or so,and they really didn't find any kind of damage to their screens.I REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW FAR IT IS TRUE,AS I'VE NOT TESTED IT,SO AS ALWAYS WE'RE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY KIND OF DAMAGES.

Download From PlayStore:Click Here

This was all for today mates!.....We'll be back with some good stuffs soon......!
Have a Techie Time :)

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