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Nokia is coming back to people

Hello my friends,
Well, we now have confirmation that Nokia (my personal favourite :P ) is coming back to business with new range of smartphones and tablets. Nokia will be using android as their primary OS. They have teamed with HMD to manufacture the Nokia branded phones and tablets for a decade.

The answer to the question you’ve all been asking

We are proud to announce that the Nokia brand will be returning to the worldwide mobile phone and tablet market.
Every day our fans continue to ask for Nokia smartphones. In fact, in a recent survey, we found that Nokia smartphones are amongst the top five considered brands for purchase by smartphone buyers – and they aren’t even available yet.
So, under a new agreement, Nokia Technologies has granted HMD, a new company led by some of the world’s top mobile specialists, an exclusive global license to create a full range of Nokia-branded smartphones, tablets, and feature phones for the next decade.
The new smartphones and tablets will be based on Android, uniting one of the world’s iconic mobile brands, Nokia, with the leading mobile operating system and app development community.
There is still much work for HMD to do, so you’ll need to wait a bit longer to see what the next wave of Nokia phones and tablets look like. One thing we can assure you is that they will exemplify what you have come to expect from all Nokia devices, including quality, design, and innovation.
A big thanks to you and all of the Nokia supporters around the world. You continue to remind us of the difference our devices have made in your lives. We can’t wait for you to meet the next generation.
(source : Nokia )

Well, this is what their answer is. So if you are as excited as me then let's wait for a while to look what they are bringing to us. If you have any guesses then make sure to put them in comment box. Till then, Ciao.
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