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Dolphin 5.0 released

Dolphin 5.0
So finally after a long work arounds on the bugs and glitches,Dolphin 5.0,a Gamecube and Wii emulator, is here after almost a year(Uh! Long time).
Although,Dolphin Development team was making and releasing time to time bug fixes very actively.All in one,here its the one pack release with many little to jumbo bug fixes.
This new release comes with lots of bug fixes which were encountered on the last bunch of build releases,the new release has not only workarounds on the processing side but also on the graphical side,there are many big improvements.There is a newly revitalized dynamic recompiler,which makes it more efficient.It got better and faster CPU emulation.The JIT optimizations now allow games to run more faster,for an example Rebel  Strike is running ten times faster than usual speed.That's really epic!

According To Official Release Blog Post:
The long awaited Dolphin 5.0 release is finally here! After nearly a year of bug-hunting and handling the release process, everything has come together for our biggest release yet! The three previous releases followed a very distinct pattern: sacrifice performance, hacks, and features in exchange for higher accuracy. As such, Dolphin 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 progressively grew slower. But thanks to the cleanups put forward throughout those releases, Dolphin 5.0 is the fastest Dolphin has ever been!
By removing all of those hacks and outdated features while cleaning up the codebase, Dolphin has reached a new level of efficiency, powered by a revitalized dynamic recompiler. On the GPU side, OpenGL and D3D11 have seen tons of optimizations and accuracy improvements, and have been joined by a brand new D3D12 backend for huge performance gains.
For more check the Official BlogPost .

Moreover,You may check this official Dolphin 5.0 Release Video:
Dowload the official Dolphin 5.0 from Here

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