Oracle released VirtualBox 5.1 beta 2

Many of you are using VirtualBox to run multiple OS on a single machine. For those people there is a good news, Oracle has released the second beta of VirtualBox 5.1. There are a few minor changes and fixes from beta 1. The changelog of beta 2 is as follows:
  • GUI: don't crash when showing the Beta popup message window
  • GUI: multi-screen, full-screen layout fixed for Windows host (Qt5 regression)
  • GUI: don't allow to start subsequent separate VM instances
  • SDK: reduced memory usage in the webservice Java bindings
  • Settings: fixed regression with disabling audio
  • Settings: fixed regression with saving snapshots (only.Box file is corrupted needing manual repair, disk images are intact; 5.1 Beta 1 regression)
  • Linux installer: Several path fixes for deb/RPM packages for older Linux distributions where we ship our own Qt5 libraries.
  • Solaris Additions: added support for X.org 1.18
 You can download the latest beta from here. But remember beta version is bleeding edge type, so you better know what you are doing. Anyways, happy booting multiple OS on your machines.

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