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Say hello to Marlin, a smart and lightweight file manager for linux

While there are file managers like Nautilus, Dolphin, Thunar, etc. Marlin is quite a good alternative for these. Marlin is one of the lightweight file manager and it is based on gtk3. It has some cool features which should be there in every file manager like tabbed browsing, networking support (SSH, FTP, Windows share, HTTP and HTTPS), multiple-views, configurable toolbars and interface, plugin framework and much more to be discovered.
Marlin file manager

Marlin file manager

Marlin file manager

Marlin file manager 
 To install this file manager all you have to do is open up terminal in your Debian/Ubuntu/Mint based system and type in the following commands:

Thats it and you will have Marlin in your system to play with.

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