KDE neon 5.7 is released

A little while ago KDE team has announced that they will be realsing their own Linux distribution and to add cream on this they did. KDE neon is based on Ubuntu and uses latest KDE plasma desktops and other KDE features. New version of it i.e. KDE neon 5.7 is released for public and developers.
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KDE neon 5.7

KDE neon with the latest Plasma dektop 5.7 offers solid ubuntu base with constant rolling release of new KDE tools. Unlike Kubuntu, it focuses on keeping their users updated with latest softwares as soon as they released. The latest release is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS which means you are simply getting a solid and stable base which will be supported for long time.For KDE fans it's absolutely a treat to have latest KDE tools on a stable platform. KDE neon is released in two editions, first is for normal users and other one is for developers who love to tweak things more. We will install KDE neon in our machine and get back to you guys with a little review of it. So stay tuned and keep visiting us for more.

To download KDE neon just head to the Official Site.

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