Korora Linux explained

Last week we introduced you an independent Linux distro and today we will be explaining a fork of Fedora Linux. In today's 9th segment of "Introduction with Linux Distro" let's get to know about Korora Linux.
At first Kororra was used to make Gentoo Linux installation easier but in November 2007 this project was discontinued. In 2010 Korora project was continued as a Fedora based distribution. It was also renamed to Korora from Kororra. First major release of Korora distro was in 2013. Since then Korora is providing a simplified and beautiful experience of Fedora to users. For this topic We are using latest Korora 24 in Mate flavor. Why Mate? because, we never tried this flavor before. Let's see some important things that we experienced while using it.
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  • Beauty : Korora is beautiful in looks and performance too. It is available in Gnome, Cinnamon, Xfce and Mate flavors. Though we are using Mate but we strongly believe other flavors will be beautiful as well.
    Korora 24 sheldon
    Korora desktop with Mate flavor

  • A Strong Base : Korora is based on Fedora which gave it a solid platform. As we all know Fedora is absolutely a no joke Linux and it is rather known for it's bleeding edge nature. So basically Korora inherits all that. It gets the huge repository of Fedora, it has all the updates from Fedora, it has the solid platform to develop it further. Korora 24 is based on Fedora 24 and it uses Linux kernel 4.6.3.
  • Package Management and Multimedia: As it is based on Fedora, it uses RPM package management. Korora uses default repository of Fedora for software and applications but Korora also adds a twist, it also provides applications which Fedora doesn't provide directly. Korora also include media codecs by default so you won't have any hassle in playing your media files.
  • Simplification : While being a bleeding edge distro, Korora also managed to be simple. It has user-friendly UI that is easier for new users. As you can see in below screenshot Korora has a proper categorized menu and control panel and everything.
    Korora 24 sheldon
    Menu and control panel in Korora 24
  • Customization : Korora is customizable as hell. From windows to icons you can customize it all. Korora has two theme engines as we saw it. One is included in settings and other is known as Emerald themer. You can even download themes online.
    Korora 24 sheldon
    theme engines in Korora 24
  • The Stability : As far as we used Korora it is very stable and it has to be. As Fedora 24 is stable, there is no reason for Korora 24 to be unstable.
  • The community : Korora has an agenda to make a healthy and happy Linux community and it is fulfilling that agenda properly. Korora Community is diverse and helpful to everyone. More on it you can also seek help in Fedora community as using Korora is ultimately using Fedora.
Well, these are just few highlights of Korora 24. Give it a try in VM and make it your permanent system if you like it. So, this concludes the 9th segment of "Introduction with Linux Distro". In the next segment we will be introducing you to an Independent Linux distribution. So stay tuned with us and have fun with Linux.

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