Facebook Launched new Events app for iOS

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With the growing competition in the market with several social media apps coming up with new and amazing features, Facebook doesn't want to be left behind in this race of bringing and providing better apps and features. So, here Facebook comes with an app named Events providing the features that the well known feature events on Facebook already avails. But in more handy, customizable, faster way.

Events feature on Facebook, is no secret or new thing to any daily or even a normal user of Facebook. Events is a Facebook feature that lets you create, respond,manage/organize events with public or private with your friends on Facebook.
Facebook Events App

Just couple of days ago, Facebook came with the announcement and release of the Events app for iOS. So, good news for Apple users for sure, they are going to have quick and early hands on this app and features.

With the Events, you can keep an eye on upcoming events in your area or near you,organized by friends, families, organizations, any music band, schools/colleges or even by the pages you've liked on Facebook.

So pretty same things that you've already used earlier on Events feature, but this time with more handy, customizable and quicker access with this app, Events.
Facebook Events App

Events is connected with your calendar to keep up with the events in more precised and organized way. You can easily mark the days you've any work or event already on the marked days. Calendar is viewable just alongside your Events app, Quicker and easier, I would say, isn't it?

So, as Events is a part of Facebook so it is always connected with your Facebook account, so your Facebook friends, families and other stuff is no way far, everything is connected. Any changes made on Events will be clearly visible on your Facebook account too.

Android User?
Well, According to the announcement news, Android will be getting the app soon.

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