KDevelop 5.0.2 released and available for Download

Kdevelop is an IDE,available on Linux and Windows,so it covers a good users' response or in other words,we should say,CODERS' response :p.
Anyway,Today Few hours ago,Sven Brauch made an announcement regarding the release of the next maintenance update of the Kdevelop 5.X series.
This update has quite notable issue fixes and some fixes are also out there in Windows installer.
There's good news for Windows users on 32-bit system,Kdevelop 5.0.2 is  available in 32-bit as well.

Broken search in the documentation view is now fixed.Users were also getting some issues with breakpoints which is now fixed.Some other fixes are Download More, Selecting the Next/Previous button in the toolview,install as root wasn't working which is fixed, and other fixes you may check in the announcement itself.

You can Download the source code or AppImage,All downloads are availble on this Download Page.

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