openSUSE 42.2 Beta 3 is available now

openSUSEOpenSUSE 42.2 going to be code-name as LEAP, is getting fixes and new software integration with each & every beta updates coming in the subsequent months.
Well, this beta release really makes more sense as per view of stability, not because of any major base changes but by using the latest and just released KDE Plasma 5.8. Plasma 5.8 is a LTS released with many comprehensive and interesting new features like unified boot-screen, better applets, right-to-left language support etc.
Whats's new in the openSUSE 42.2 Beta 3:
Updated Softwares: Virtual Box 5.1.4, Firefox 49, Thunderbird 45.3.0 are updated from their previous versions used in the last beta 2 release. So, overall performance will be more reliable and feature-rich, no doubts in it.

KDE Plasma 5.8: The latest release of KDE plasma 5.8 desktop is now being used in this OpenSUSE 42.2 beta 3 release. KDE Plasma 5.8 being a LTS (Long Term Supported) release, it is giving an assured and more stable platform for next 18 months. And as announced in the last beta 2 release, the official announcement has mentioned that the final openSUSE 42.2 will come with Plasma 5.8. So, Here it is, it's good that Plasma 5.8 is in the beta 3 release as if any integration or support related bug will be there found then there is good time to fix them and the final version will come with more fewer bugs.
Updated Languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Slovak, Polish, Greek and Russian languages are updated in the latest beta 3 release of OpenSUSE LEAP.

There are other updates which you may see in the official announcement.

Download the latest openSUSE 42.2 beta 3 release: DIRECT DOWNLOAD or DOWNLOAD PAGE

So, even we are trying this new beta and waiting for the final release. You should also give a try but as it's a beta release, so it may have some minor or major bugs.

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