Superb Mini Server(SMS) version 2.0.9 released

Superb Mini Server Running on KDE

Superb Mini Server finally got a new updated version release after a long time period. Yes, After a long awaited time, the previous version of SMS (Superb Mini Server) 2.0.8 which was released back in 2015, now in 2016 got a new release of SMS 2.0.9.

Even if the releases are less-frequent, this Slackware based distribution really makes a good amount of users, who works with servers. Mostly look at this distro because of set of applications available and the environment is completely perfect for those who love to work with the web-server based developments and managements.
What is new the SMS with the latest SMS 2.0.9 :p
With this new release there are mostly new updated applications with an updated Kernel to Linux Kernel 4.4.22.
There are quite of server packages, been updated to their newer versions for instance postfix-3.0.7, samba-4.5.0, bind-9.10.4_P3, mysql-5.5.52 and many more.
phpmyadmin updated to 4.6.4 from 4.4.4, webmin got upgrade from 1.740 to 1.810, php-5.4.40 upgraded to 5.6.26, others you may check in the official announcement.
At the places, where many got their newer versions updates in this release, httpd is still in the version 2.2.31 (Upgraded from last version 2.2.29) instead of getting the latest 2.4.

Well, uhm! According to the release announcement the next version will get in the next release. Alright(?) I hope you have good patience to wait for next release or you should look ways to get the latest one for sure.
Here what the release announcement states about httpd,
 We still keep httpd-2.2.31 as our default server, but we moved to php-5.6.26 since phpmyadmin needed it and
beside that php-5.4. reach its EOL, so mind the new /etc/httpd/php.ini if you are upgrading.
Most likely on our next release we will switch to httpd-2.4 as our default server, so you better look for migration tips.
httpd-2.4 is at testing as usual for those who switched already.
So, if you are on the previous version then make an upgrade as per your need.
Download:Download Superb Mini Server latest version

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