Ubuntu Studio 16.10 is out for public

A few hours ago, the team behind Ubuntu Studio announced released of new version which is 16.10 Yakkety Yak. It will be supported for 9 months. While all the Ubuntu flavors are getting 16.10 releases, Ubuntu Studio holds a different place as it is concentrated on studio related things. So what is new in this release? As the base is Ubuntu 16.10, everything will be common in these two but Ubuntu Studio gives extra edge for studio related things. According to official announcement following are the changes.


  • New default Numix Blue theme


  • Added dgedit
  • Added drumgizmo


  • Replaced recordmydesktop with vokoscreen


  • Replaced gnome-color-manager with dispcalgui
  • Added gpick


  • Added calibre
  • Added pdf-shuffler
  • Added plume-creator
Apart from all this, if you are reading this and you are good developer or you can just contribute to Ubuntu studio then kindly contact the team using This Link.
Ubuntu Studio team is much shorter than it was before and they really need a helping hand to release and maintain things. So, it is also a request from us if you can contribute them please do so.

To download latest version click - Ubuntu Studio 16.10

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