Bluetooth 5 Launched

Bluetooth 5 release
Well,The world is looking forward for a world adapting and changing the IoT, and here is something, we may call a great step to implement and set new benchmarks in this Term with the launch of Bluetooth 5.
So What's new here in Bluetooth 5?
What any normal everyday user of Bluetooth can expect from the new Bluetooth 5,one is getting that with more speed,wider range coverage, lower on energy usage and yes, without having any compromises on security of wireless data interactions.
Here, in Bluetooth 5, we are getting 2X more speed,4X wider range coverage, and 8X the broadcast of message capacity.Yes, New brighter future for Bluetooth Technology implementation n several devices to communicate and share data to out-result a great system for Device interactions.And this speed and range incremented is supposed to give a great opportunities and ease to IoT development.
As many companies and developers are showing interest in giving IoT a better future, there Bluetooth 5 is surely here with keeping this as the priority use-space and platform.
We are hoping to see Bluetooth 5 soon in devices working.Give your views on this in comments down below.

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