Devuan Linux explained

Hello guys, welcome to 13th segment of  "Introduction with Linux Distro". Today we have a Debian based distro as our guest. Devuan Linux is new to the Linux world. It can be a good lightweight option to your current system.
Devuan Linux made it's way into Linux world on November 2014. It is making nice and steady progress from that time. The distro entered beta stage in April 2016. It is based on Debian Jesse. Let's see something about this distro.
    • The Looks : Well, considered looks wise Devuan can be good. It uses Xfce as default desktop environment which gives an advantage to people with old system. Xfce can also be customized to look more interesting. However Devuan also offers KDE as alternate desktop environment.

      Devuan 1.0 Beta 2
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    • Compatibility : Devuan Linux is available to 64 bit systems as well as older 32 bit systems too. So people with older systems can be happy too.
    • Strong Base : Devuan is based on Debian 8 Jesse. Debian is veteran player in Linux game. This is an advantage to Devuan Linux to have such an strong base to build on and also utilize Debian's repositories for easier package access.
    • Performance : Even though it is still beta, Devuan 1.0 beta 2 is very stable. There is one interesting thing about Devuan that it is not using Systemd while many other distro using it. Having Xfce desktop environment gives it plenty of lightweight and speed skill boost. It is nicely made and maintained when it comes to performance. 
    • Packages & Repositories : Devuan has its exclusive repository which is different from Debian. There are many packages which are forked from Debian. There are development of packages which are exclusively made for Devuan. It also mirrors Debian's upstream repository. Devuan uses Synaptic Package Manager for package management.
    • Media & Work : Devuan comes with preinstalled softwares for work, day to day life, media, etc. Devuan includes Libreoffice with office related work. It provides VLC for media support, gimp for photo editing and various other tools for easier life.
      Devuan 1.0 Beta 2
      Quod Libet music player in Devuan
    So guys, why not give Devuan a try? Recently some distro are made which are using Devuan as base. Devuan is still in beta buy we can expect stable public production release in early 2017. Help them to grow try it in VM first and if you like it you can make it your first  choice. This concludes the 13th segment of  "Introduction with Linux Distro". We will be back with more interesting and also new distributions in next segments. Stay tuned with us and as always, have fun with Linux.

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