NVIDIA 375.26 Driver released for Linux

Well, with increasing users on Linux, the hardware companies and developers are showing more interest in providing support for their devices, not to lose the competition in this fastly crowding race.
So NVIDIA has released new point update, NVIDIA 375.26 to their 375 series.Basically, this point update is focused on Bug fixes and support, we are not getting any new feature in there. Anyway, most of the latest NVIDIA cards were supported already and with this update now Quardo M3000 SE is also getting support.
There are some major/minor bug fixes found in the previous version are fixed so far.Regression has been fixed which was causing the prevention to the backlight on some notebooks from turning on after making a shut-down.
A major fix has been done with regression, with some GPU configuration the nVidia settings control panel was crashing, which is fixed now.
A long-standing bug causing NVIDIA X drivers not to detect AC/Battery hotplug events is now fixed with this update.
There are more fixes done with this update, you may get more details here on NVIDIA Drivers page.

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