Parrot Security OS 3.3 released

Parrot Security OS doesn't need any introduction, As we all are well aware of this Debian-based distribution, consisting of all types of packages and tools in the sector of Penetration Testing, Hacking, Cryptography, Security Testing of The Web and other Web-based software and tools.
Parrot 3.2 was released back in October, and there was an echoing silence for days in the development and future plannings.And here comes a release announcement of the new point release Parrot Security OS 3.3, for the Parrot Security 3.0 segment.
As mentioned in the announcement, the Parrot Security development team was working on two secret projects, making a good silence on the Web about any news regarding the release.The 2 main projects are 'the perfect plan to conquer the world and this point release, Release of 'Parrot Security OS 3.3'.

A bigger work is going for Parrot 3.4 release
In the same announcement, they further have mentioned this Parrot 3.3 release is just a snapshot work, the real and the bigger work is soon to be seen in the next release of Parrot 3.4. We are really looking with a hope for something interesting for sure, As the words suggest.
What's new in Parrot 3.3?
As the changelog says:
  • include linux 4.8 kernel
  • fix touchpad/multitouch support
  • fix mismatching kernel installer
  • update anonsurf
  • fix minor MATE bugs
  • include GCC 6.2
  • update metasploit-framework 4.13
  • switch to php 7
  • upgrade most of the tools to their latest version
So, you may get this release from here: Download Link

In the end of the Post, We would like to say It's almost the end of this year and We are thankful to all our readers, For supporting Us.
Merry Christmas and A very Happy New Year to all our readers :)

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