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Streets of Rogue : amazingly made Indie game

Recently we introduced you guys with Itch. It is a great place for Indie fun. We also said that we will be covering some cool games. So today it is a treat for gamers (especially Indie game lovers), we are going to know a little about game Streets of Rogue. This game is developed by the person named Madguy a.k.a. Matt Dabrowski. According to him, this game has multiple genres like stealth, brawler, shooter, co-op, RPG, roguelike, etc. On the other hand, according to us, this game is pure fun.
Streets of Rogue
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 This game all about doing what you like. You like shooting people, then do it but beware people will shoot you too. You like stealth games, then there is a ninja with camouflage for you. You like sucking blood from people, then there is a vampire for you too. There is two player local co-op mode in this game so you can enjoy this game with your friends too. There are a variety of characters to choose, from shopkeeper to werewolf, from hacker to soldier, even a gorilla is there (ironically that gorilla can speak a little English :P ).
Streets of Rogue
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The player is given some task on each floor which player have to complete to advance to next floor. But there are many twists and people in between. Player get to see gangsters, goons, drug dealers, slave masters, cops, thief, mad scientists, slum dwellers, ghosts, shopkeepers and many more. Player have to carefully complete tasks without getting killed. Well, we made a little gameplay video for you guys to check out the theme of this game.
So all in all, this game is some deep fun. Even though it is still in the alpha mode it is well developed. You can download this game and contribute development by giving your valuable feedback. So guys, why don't just give it try and see how fun it is? We will be back with another game in next week, till then have fun.

To download this game click on below links.
Official site

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