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Sandboxie - a unique tool to run certain program in isolated space

Ever thought of running a program on your PC which do not interfere with any other process? If yes, then you should have heard about Sandboxie. Sandboxie is unique way to run any program in an isolated space and does not let it interfere with anything else. This also gives an advantage to test a certain program without worrying about its effects on system. In the below screenshot, you can understand the mechanics very well.
Sandboxie on windows 10

You can also run a web browser in Sandboxie. Whatever you download or save will be accessible only inside Sandboxie, however you can transfer files from sandbox to your system. Running a web browser in sandbox gives you privacy as it won't effect rest of the system. you can create multiple sandboxes to manage your programs and processes.
Sandboxie on windows 10
Sandbox is like a layer between your system and the program. You can simply delete the whole sandbox and nothing will be changed. Only the contents in the sandbox will be gone but system will remain safe and intact. This can be very useful in testing unknown programs.  You can configure sandboxes according to your need and try out different programs in an isolated manner. This tool is supported in windows 7/8/8.1/10. Only latest version supports windows 10. Give this tool a try. Maybe you will like it and find it very useful in your day to day life.

To download Sandboxie - CLICK HERE
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